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माननीय मुख्यमंत्री जी,

नया रायपुर हम सभी का सपनो का  शहर है जिसे सभी जल्द से जल्द  आबाद देखना  चाहते है.

अभी सेक्टर २७ पूरा बन कर तैयार है पर हम जिनका सेक्टर २७ में घर है या जो किराये पे रहना चाहते है ,  सुरक्षा और आधार भूत सुविधा के बिना सेक्टर २७ में आकर रहना मुश्किल है.

आये दिन सेक्टर २७ में घरो को तोड़ कर चोरिया हो रही है पर
वर्तमान पुलिस के तरफ से कोई बेहतर परिणाम नहीं है  क्योंकि एक पुलिस स्टेशन सारा नया रायपुर को देख रहा है इसलिए वे सेक्टर २७ के चोरियों को नहीं रोक पा रहे है न ही जो ऐसे कार्य में शामिल है उसे पकड़ पा रहे है.।

नया रायपुर एक स्मार्ट सिटी बने जा रहा है पर सेक्टर २७ के सुरक्षा  में न ही पुलिस या शासन, तकनीकी का प्रयोग कर रही है।  जब तक  सुरक्षा  के मजबूत प्रबंध नहीं किये जायेंगे , परिवारों का सेक्टर २७ में बसना संभव नहीं है.

हम सभी के तरफ से निवेदन है की  निम्न लिखित सुविधाएं जल्द से जल्द सेक्टर २७ में देने के कृपा करे , ताकि सभी को आत्मविश्वास आये की सेक्टर २७ में सुरक्षा के साथ रहा जा सकता है और   आधार भूत सुविधा उपलब्ध है. इस सुविधाओ के होने पर हे सेक्टर २७ तेजी से  बस सकता है.

१) सेक्टर २७ का अलग से पुलिस स्टेशन जिसकी जिम्मेदारी  सेक्टर २७ के  सुरक्षा  हो , जो तकनीक प्रयोग करने में प्रशिक्षित हो, (जैसे ईमेल आदि ) ,साथ ही ऑनलाइन FIR करने और स्थिति पता करने की सुविधा हो. तभी पुलिस स्मार्ट सिटी के अनुकूल सक्षम होकर कार्य कर पायेगा.  साथ में सभी प्रवेश दरवाजों में सुरक्षा कर्मियों का प्रबंध.

२) सेक्टर २७ में   निगरानी कैमरे जो पुलिस स्टेशन से जुड़ा हो।

३)   चिकित्सालय

४)  डाक-घर


सभी सेक्टर २७ के  घर मालिको  और नया रायपुर के शुभचिंतकों  के तरफ से

Naya Raipur, the new capital city of Chhattisgarh, is wooing private builders aggressively even as it vies to be one of the 100 ‘smart cities’ that theNarendra Modi has promised to build across the country.

“Apart from the land parcels already given out to builders, tenders for another 400 acres of land would be floated in the next 3-4 months for real estate developments,” said SS Bajaj, vice chairman at Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA). This is expected to bring in over Rs 2,000 crore investments, officials said.

NRDA is already in talks with developers such as DLF and Tata Housing Development Co. It had applied forsmart city status for Naya Raipur eight months ago. The Centre is yet to announce the list of 100 smart cities.

Naya Raipur, 18 km from Raipur, is being developed in three phases and will have a bus rapid transit system(BRTS) corridor for smooth public transport and offer free Wi-Fi connectivity across bus stops, parks, office areas and educational institutions. It’s spread over approximately 20,000 acres and is expected to have 560,000 inhabitants by 2031. The state secretariat shifted to Naya Raipur in November 2012. Bajaj said national institutions such as the AIIMS, IIM, IIT, Shankar Netralaya and Hidayatullah National Law University are coming to this planned city.

Chhattisgarh Housing Board built and sold over 90% of the 5,000 residential units here. At existing rate of Rs 2,950 per sqft, against Raipur’s Rs 4,500-5,000 per sqft, and offering better facilities, Naya Raipur is attracting homebuyers not only from within the state but also from Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal.

Noida-based Amrapali Group has acquired 31.5 acres in the city and plans to invest nearly Rs 350 crore on residential, commercial and hospitality projects, its executive director Shiv Priya said.

Raipur-based Avinash Group is investing Rs 150 crore on a 700-unit residential space spread over 18 acres. “Around 15% of the apartments sold have been bought by NRIs who have their roots in Chhattisgarh,” said Anand Singhania, MD, Avinash Group that is also investing Rs 30 crore in commercial project at the proposed CBD of Naya Raipur.

Raipur-based GT Homes is investing nearly Rs 200 crore on a 316-apartment project with 10 towers, its director Gurjeet Singh Rajpal said.


With immense pleasure Avinash Group invites you on the opening ceremony of


, Avinash New County, Naya Raipur

Grand inauguration by the hands of honoured Chief Guest : Mr. Milkha Singh (Former Indian Track and field sprinter, globally knows as the Flying Sikh).

Sunday 26th April’15

Time -5 pm onwards

Venue- Avinash New County, Sec 30, Naya Raipur

Swami Vivekananda International Airport (IATA: RPR, ICAO: VARP) (formerly known as Mana Airport) is the primary airport serving the state of Chhattisgarh, India. The airport is centrally located at Mana, 15 km (9.3 mi) south of Raipur between the old city and the new seat of the state government Naya Raipur. In 2006, this Airport witnessed an 82% increase in passenger traffic (the highest in the country for that year). The Airport is one of the 35 non-metro airports recently modernised by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

Swami Vivekananda – The Airport is named after this great saint.
On 24 January 2012, the Union cabinet of India approved the State Government’s proposal for renaming Raipur airport after the well known Indian saint Swami Vivekananda who spent 2 years of his teenage in Raipur. It is currently served by Air India, Jet Airways, Jetlite and IndiGo while Kingfisher Airlines suspended its operations in November 2011 due to its bad financial condition. There are also non-scheduled services by Air Odisha to Bhubaneswar and Air Taxi services by Chhattisgarh Air Link which flies from here to other cities of Chhattisgarh.
New Integrated Terminal
A new integrated terminal covering an area of 18,500 m2 (4.6 acres) has been constructed by a joint venture of Era Infra Engineering and KMB from Ukraine at a cost of INR136 crore (US$21 million).

It was inaugurated on 7 November 2012 by President Pranab Mukherjee.[7][8] The new terminal has 2 aero-bridges, 20 check-in counters, 2 x-ray luggage machines, 3 security check points and 3 conveyor belts for luggage. The building is designed to handle 700 passengers including 200 international flyers at a time.

The terminal also has a provision on 15 immigration counters for prospective international flights.

Shoppers Stop has opened a retail store in the new integrated terminal making it one of the five Airport Stores operated by Shoppers Stop Ltd. in India.

The airport however, is likely to remain ‘dry’ as the Airports Authority of India has abandoned the proposal for opening of a beer bar after opposition by the public against the sale of liquor at a place named after a great saint.

The proposed international terminal is being upgraded along with the runway expansion project to enable the airport to handle larger aircraft for starting international operations, connecting the city to South-East Asia and the Middle East. The new terminal will be used for domestic flights, while the proposed international terminal is being renovated to handle international operations. Currently 4 international carriers have shown interest to start operations to Bangkok, Dubai, Qatar and Singapore once the airport is ready to start international operations.

The Airports Authority of India has also cleared the way for starting air cargo operations from the airport by giving nod to develop the old terminal building into a cargo complex.

The airfield is equipped with night landing facilities and a CAT- 1 Instrument Landing System (ILS) as well as Navigational facilities like DVOR, DME, and an NDB.

Naya Raipur to be country’s first city with LED street lights

Going green with its action plans, Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) is launching India’s first ever LED street lighting project across the entire city of Naya Raipur.

Talking to TOI, Amit Kataria, CEO, NRDA said, “With nearly 2,000 LEDs, NRDA aims to illuminate a stretch of 74km of Naya Raipur road of which 450 units have already been installed in the first phase and more than 1,550 are scheduled under the second phase.”

Costing up to around Rs 31.7 crore, these LEDs would save up to 40% energy and hence reduce the electricity bill by 40%.

Interestingly, all the new street lights would be controlled through a GPRS control system via SMS and internet, which will be set automatically for dimming and brightening of LEDs as per the requirement, Yashwant Shiledar, chief executive engineer said.

Explaining further, he said, “For instance, during the peak hours between 7pm and 10pm street lights would brighten 100%. This would further be dimmed to 70% from 10pm to 12am, leading to less energy consumption. After 12 to sunrise, brightness would be reduced to 50%.”

He said there were many cities which have few patches and townships illuminated through LED street lights, but this is the first time in country that a city level project is coming up.

The street lights could be switched on and off with the help of GPRS system which would be monitored by an operating staff at the control room. This web based software will act as remote monitoring system, which alerts at the time of theft or while voltage faults take place.

Daily information about voltage, current power supply will be maintained. However, with the setting of astronomical clock, LED street lights will be switched on after sunset and will switch off with sunrise automatically. This will save more than 40% power energy.

Explaining about the electricity consumption bill, Yashwant said that while on one side the costing reaches to Rs 1,33,312 with sodium vapour lamps, the cost would plunge to Rs 79,430, hence saving up to Rs 53,882 every month.

The project is scheduled to complete by April.

All the other feeder pillars and sodium vapour lamps of yellow lights will also be taken under the GPRS control system in the next few days and would help save more cost.

With possibilities of Naya Raipur, the new Capital city of Chhattisgarh, being developed as one of the 100 smart cities in the country, as proposed by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, leading private builders, including DLF, Tata housing and Ambience group are making a beeline to start housing and commercial projects here.

While the final blueprint for the list of 100 smart cities is yet to be released by the union Urban Development Ministry, officials of Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) are more or less sure that this city would get this “prestigious”. What has perhaps fuelled their expectations is Modi’s tweet on the eve of Lok Sabha polls wherein he stated, “You should go see how New Raipur has been developed under the leadership of @drramansingh: Narendra Modi”.

Confirming that plans are afoot to make Naya Raipur a “unique” city, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NRDA, Rajat Kumar said several real estate developers have shown keen interest in starting projects here. He said talks were already on with Tata Housing, DLF and Ambience group for developing integrated township in Naya Raipur.

Kumar said the authority proposes to float tenders in the coming 3-4 months and during this period proposals would also be discussed with some international real estate developers. He said the basic concept for developing Naya Raipur would be to have integrated townships, which are self-sufficient in every term – housing, schooling, health care and shopping – for the residents.

He said the Chhattisgarh housing board (CHB) has already constructed over 5000 houses and about 20% to 30% of them are already occupied. He said Naya Raiour is not only attracting investments of residents of Chhattisgarh but also from the neighbouring states of Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal. Kumar said some private builders, including Amrapali Group from NOIDA and Raipur based GT homes and Avinash Group, have already purchased around 65 acres of land for developing residential projects in Naya Raipur. “Nearly 3000-4000 homes will come up in next one and a half year as construction has already been started”, he said.

Managing director, Avinash Group, Anand Singhania, said they are investing over Rs 200 crore on a 700 unit residential complex, spread over 18 acres. He claimed that NRI from the state are showing keen interest in their project and they have already booked about 20% dwellings. He said he is also investing Rs 35 crore in commercial project in Naya Raipur.

Gurjeet Singh Rajpal, director GT Homes, said his company too is investing nearly Rs 200-220 crore in residential complex in Naya Raipur. They propose to construct 316 high quality apartments in 10 multi storeyed towers.

नई राजधानी के आठ सौ एकड़ में जंगल सफारी आकार लेने लगी है। सफारी कई मायनों में खूबियों वाली होगी। इसमें टाइगर, लायन और भालू को खुले में देखने का रोमांच मिलेगा। सफारी का जू यानी चिड़ियाघर भी अद्भुत होगा। यहां ओरंग उटांग यानी जंगल का आदमी, जिराफ, कंगारू, जेब्रा और चीते जैसे और भी कई ऐसे जानवर रहेंगे जो देश के जंगलों में पाए ही नहीं जाते। उन्हें कम लोगों ने ही देखा होगा।

सफारी को पूरी तरह से जंगल का लुक दिया जा रहा है। इसके चारों ओर की बाउंड्री वाल बनकर लगभग तैयार हो चुकी है। थोड़ा सा पैच बाकी है। लायन, टाइगर और भालू के साथ-साथ हिरणों और चीतल के बाड़े बनाने का काम चल रहा है। सफारी में टाइगर और लायन जैसे खूंखार जंगल की तरह खुले घुमेंगे और पर्यटक टफेंड ग्लास वाली बसों में बैठकर उन्हें देखेंगे। टफेंड ग्लास पत्थर फेंकने से भी नहीं टूटता। है और न जानवरों के पंजा मारने से। यानी पर्यटक पूरी तरह से सुरक्षित रहेंगे।
जू में 52 पिंजरे
जंगल सफारी में 50 एकड़ पर जू बनाया जा रहा है। जून में 52 पिंजरे होंगे। इन सभी में अलग-अलग जानवरों को रखा जाएगा। इनकी सूची बना ली गई है। आला अफसरों ने खुद ही इसके लिए जानवरों का चयन किया गया है।
औरंग उटांग आकर्षण
प्रजाति बंदरों की लेकिन इंसानों जैसी हरकतें करने वाला यह जानवर अफ्रीका के जंगलों में पाया जाता है। थाइलैंड में इसके बाकायदा शो होते हैं। ये इंसानों जैसा करतब दिखाता है। इसे सफारी के जू का खास आकर्षण बताया जा रहा है।
लुप्त चीता भी देखिए
भारत के जंगलों से चीते का वजूद खतम हुए बरसों हो चुके हैं। इसे अंतिम बार बस्तर के जंगल में देखा गया था। अभी चीता केवल अफ्रीका में है। सेंट्रल जू अथॉरिटी के माध्यम से अफ्रीका से चीता मंगवाया जाएगा।
जिराफ पर होगी नजर
जिराफ अफ्रीका के मसाईमारा जंगलों में नजर आता है। इसे जंगल सफारी के जू में लाया जाएगा। इसके लिए पिंजरा तैयार किया जा रहा है।
अगले साल अगस्त तक
जंगल सफारी का काम तेजी से चल रहा है। इसी साल अगस्त से सफारी में जंगल जानवर नजर आने लगेंगे। उसी के मुताबिक काम चल रहा है।- डॉ. रमन सिंह, मुख्यमंत्री