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Nayaraipur's Indoor Golf Recreational & Learning Center

The Communication system is planned for both wired and wireless services for voice, data and VAS. It is proposed to have an Overlay Area Network (OAN) in the city having 4 loops to cover the total area with optical fiber connectivity with redundancy. This will provide as backbone for the modern communication and data transmission with in the city of Naya Raipur.
Besides, backbone infrastructures such as ducts are to be provided for the city level telecom network for the wired broadband and Value Added Services (VAS). It is also proposed to develop the passive infrastructure in the entire city for the wireless services which may cater for GSM/CDMA and other modern services such as 3G/WIMAX etc.
The above infrastructure is to be developed by any service provider, licensed to do so by the DOT, Govt. of India, in collaboration with NRDA.