An open Letter to Mr. Rajesh Munat on issues of Nayaraipur

Dear Shri Rajesh Munat Ji,

I am Satish Verma, one of owner of Sector 27 Nayaraipur. I am very impressed with Nayaraipur project, your and CG govt Vision about Nayaraipur. Keep the good work. But need attention in some urgent issues related to habitation in Nayaraipur.

The biggest issues in Nayaraipur are related to habitation, few are:

1) Sector 27 and 29 are one of biggest and planed colony but strangely no play park available for children’s. As per Town and country planning its mandatory but it’s not followed in nayaraipur. Please do needful so our childrens can get space to play on sector 27/29 and help to improve habitation.

2) Safety is major concern, lots of theft in residential houses but no action from Police. Please do something to have dedicated police station to give confidence to resident of Nayaraipur.

3) In Individual houses water supply is only for 1 hour in sector 27 where its unlimited at sec29. please check and act if this true and make supply of water at sec27 rational.

4) No proper service, shops available for day to day needs. We owners ready to contribute and work with govt on habitation, we can contribute to start one big store to cover all type of needs on no loss no profit for next 5 years to help to improve habitation , if Govt. Provide us space in sector 27 .

5) Its 8 years sector 27 development going on, BSNL still has not completed underground cabling work. I have applied broadband connection on July2015, still not given by underground. They tried to give connection overhead against rule. If basic broadband not available, then how it will become smart city? It will be joke in name of smart city.
6) Waste management is in mess. No rules followed, garbage getting burned inside sector in residential area, we have complaint to NRDA but no action. See photos.. Please do strict action and stop this illegal waste disposal ASAP. This is playing with resident health.


IMG-20160423-WA0000 IMG-20160423-WA0001 IMG-20160423-WA0002 IMG-20160423-WA0003 IMG-20160423-WA0004

7) There is no complaint system to register complaint about issue in Nayaraipur. NRDA should take responsibility , and should coordinate with respective agencies ..
Please do needful on above issues on Nayaraipur.


Satish Verma