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Inconvenience in travelling from Raipur-Nayaraipur-Raipur

Issue sent  by : CA Inderpreet Kaur <> 

With reference to the this subject,  we want to bring this to your kind notice that inconvenience faced while travelling as there are no seats available or it will be better to say that number of people standing are more than those sitting, this is not a day scenario but daily the same routine is followed due to which we are facing difficulties to travel. Also, the timing gap between arrivals of buses is half an hour. We would opinion that it would be convenient if more buses shall be added and the gap between arrivals reduced to at-most 15 minutes especially in peak hours i.e. 10am to 12pm and 5pm to 6pm in order to help the passengers to travel with ease.
Kindly do the needful and oblige.

IMG20170915110344 IMG20170920111753



The paan shop in sector 27 near school and creating many issue as per below attached letter .  This needs to be shifted out  of colony as per rule to sell tobacco products  or shift  inside commercial   complex.


Safety is major concern, lots of theft in residential houses but no action from Police. Please do something to have dedicated police station to give confidence to resident of Nayaraipur.

When theft  broken  in to my house   around Oct,2014, I needed to run behind Rakhi police station to just to file one FIR.  The theft of plumbing items value was more than Rs Rs 40000, and to fix plumbing,  broken doors, creating safety grills and wall it costed around 3 lakhs.

The FIR was done one 23.10.2014 but after 3  years no action from Police, and this shows how serious is govt on safety of citizen’s property and life at Nayaraipur .

This story are same for most of Independent house owners   at  have following demands from Govt to do immediately.

1) Serious actions on theft at  Nayaraipur residential colonies and to bring culprits to justice .

2) Provide dedicated police station   st Sector 27 for safety of residents life and property.

3)  Provide security cameras at every corner of sector 27 and 29 as per Smart city safety standard  at earliest .

FIR copy and images after theft  Attached.


FIR_nayaraipur-1 FIR_nayaraipur-2

20141027_123933 20141027_123937 20141027_124021 20141027_124025 20141027_124028 20141027_124035 20141027_124041 20141027_124042 20141027_124046

Waste management is in mess at Nayaraipur . No rules followed, garbage getting burned inside sector27  in residential area, we have complaint to all responsible govt departments . See photos.. Please do take strict action and stop this illegal waste disposal ASAP. This is playing with resident health.

IMG-20160423-WA0004 IMG-20160423-WA0000


Copy of official letters:

IMG-20170518-WA0016 IMG-20170520-WA0010


Current Situation on Aug,2017.

After lots of  followup issue,  some order was passed to no dispose/burn waste in sector 27, and disposed the waste at given place but now its done at sector29.


Children’s park demand at Sector27/29  Nayaraipur

The Nayaraipur city is our dream city of Chhattishgarh, many of us purchased house at Sector27 or sector 29 Nayaraipur with dream of idle and best residential colony  will be developed.

Currently Nayaraipur  habitation speed is very slow and specially for families with children’s as  no park developed.   As per master plan of Nayaraipur, for every 5500 population estimated, there should be 5000 sqmt children’s park and 5000 sqmt of play park should be developed.

But very Sadly, there is no single Children’s  park developed at sector 27/29 and no place for children’s to play.

we  have been asking to Town and Country planning and NRDA(NAYARAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHOIRTY) and CGHB   but they are not providing any satisfactory answers why there are no children’s park developed against  town and NAYARAIPUR Mater plan guideline .


we have raised petition for park demand  which more than 100 owners singed.

Nayaraipur master plan section 8.3, for 1.75 Hectare area one 5000 sqmt park and 5000 sqmt play area is required.



Efforts we have done till date

1) Communication  with NRDA for asking responsibility of park development at sect27, they had replied its CGHB ‘s responsibility . But when asked to mark the park area in sector 27/29 layout, they are just sending map after charging Rs 900 each time without marking the park in layout.

2)  CGHB replies , park is not in sector 27/29 plan .

3) T & C replies we given all authority to decide to NRDA about Nayaraipur.

4) An issue raised in  E Jandarshan   with CM CG. Its pending status from 07/02/2017. No proper action done yet.

Below are copy of some of  communications