Safety is major concern, lots of theft in residential houses but no action from Police. Please do something to have dedicated police station to give confidence to resident of Nayaraipur.

When theft  broken  in to my house   around Oct,2014, I needed to run behind Rakhi police station to just to file one FIR.  The theft of plumbing items value was more than Rs Rs 40000, and to fix plumbing,  broken doors, creating safety grills and wall it costed around 3 lakhs.

The FIR was done one 23.10.2014 but after 3  years no action from Police, and this shows how serious is govt on safety of citizen’s property and life at Nayaraipur .

This story are same for most of Independent house owners   at  have following demands from Govt to do immediately.

1) Serious actions on theft at  Nayaraipur residential colonies and to bring culprits to justice .

2) Provide dedicated police station   st Sector 27 for safety of residents life and property.

3)  Provide security cameras at every corner of sector 27 and 29 as per Smart city safety standard  at earliest .

FIR copy and images after theft  Attached.


FIR_nayaraipur-1 FIR_nayaraipur-2

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