The White Symphony Project Launched by Parthivi Group in Sector 15, Nayaraipur

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The Center of the Universe Discovered

Even God couldn’t have chosen a better location, or may be it is he who has handpicked it for you. How else could such precise and singularly the finest location have emerged?

The White Symphony stands right at the meeting point of Raipur and Naya Raipur, just minutes away from the Airport with roads on three sides and vast open areas on all sides.

The dawn of a city that cares

Like a whirlpool concentrating resources towards the centre, Naya Raipur is already the toast of the country attracting investment and resources from across the nation and  the globe. A nucleus of commercial, business and recreational activities, Naya Raipur is fast emerging as India’s most coveted place to live, work and invest.

Planned as a true smart city much before the term dawned on national conscience, Naya Raipur is already way ahead of its time.  It’s not only the first Transit Oriented Development project in the country, but also the most futuristic satellite city.

Meticulously planned across 40 well-defined functional sectors

Business Commercial Residential Recreational

With a truly world class infrastructure that includes a network of well designed wide roads, service lanes, dedicated cycle tracks and sidewalks, an efficiently designed underground storm drainage system, electrical cable and IT networks, 24X7 water supply infrastructure and an environmentally appropriate sewerage network & treatment plants, the city management and maintenance have both been designed to be effectuated through simple click of a few buttons on a computer keyboard.

Naya Raipur is already home to State Capitol Complex, IIM, AIIMS, IIIT, Hidaytullah National Law University, Sai Heart Institute, Vedanta Cancer Hospital near Airport and an International Cricket Stadium


The plans already in advanced stage are of exploiting it as a potential Health Tourism hub with proposed hospital sites including 7 & 5 Star Hotels, Eco-friendly development with open green spaces, Bus Rapid Transport System,  Golf Course, film cityProposed wildlife  a Jungle Safari and amusement parks and other recreational projects.


Naya Raipur, one of the top five cities being developed around the world, is an urban paradise. A city being developed to provide an unparalleled quality of urban life.


Raipur raises its very own global icon

Across the globe, it is their iconic structures that give global cities their identities. Now Raipur too will have its very own iconic structure. Standing tall, metaphorically and physically The White Symphony will make every Raipur citizen proud.

Symphony- A melody in concrete

What music is to the ears, architecture is to the eyes.

It takes a special genius of design to not just make it seem imposing but at the same time flow like a melody. For the architecture to achieve that fine rhythm between form and function making it a true symphony for generations to savor.


Special Features:

Introducing Chhattisgarh to the way the world indulges in fine living, White Symphony comes with world-class features that have never been seen in Chhattisgarh before.

–  Spacious lobbies

– 340 unparalleled majestic apartments (2/3/4 BHK) with attached staff quarters

– 16 superior apartments with personal terrace gardens and a calming, azure blue open-to-the-sky infinity pool stretching into the horizon

– Dedicated, elevated parking floor with convenient state of art car lifts.

– A fun filled club house with a gym, spa, games and much more

– Ten luxurious guest rooms, a multi cuisine restaurant, a pub and two well appointed banquet halls.

– Podium gardens with dedicated kids play zone.

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